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(Updated 6/18/2024)
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Mudhen Brewing Company Wildwood Haze

Style: Hazy IPA     Origin: Wildwood, NJ

*  Whoa Whoa those Wildwood days.  New England style IPA featuring Cashmere and Motueka hops. A balance of hop dankness, lemon and tropical fruit.  Go Wildwood!!!!

7% ABV     $7/Pint


Mudhen Brewing Company Holly Beach Wheat

Style:White/Wheat     Origin: Wildwood, NJ

* wheat beer with notes of sweet orange peel and fresh ginger – named after the “wild” holly trees of wildwood!

5.6% ABV     $7/Pint


Mudhen Brewing Company Shore Trip

Style: Strata SMaSH IPA     Origin: Wildwood, NJ

* unfiltered SMaSH IPA is brewed with German Pilsner malt and Strata hops from the Pacific Northwest.

7% ABV     $7/Pint


Rural City – Spas Bier

Style: Vienna Lager   Origin: Lancaster, PA

* Vienna style lager that has a sweet nose and smooth flavor

6% ABV          $7/Pint


Rural City – Townsquare Raspberry

Style: Fruited Sour    Origin: Lancaster, PA

* Nice and light fruited sour with a incredible raspberry taste

3.5% ABV                     $7/Pint


Cartel Brewing Shine

Style: Hazy IPA   Origin: Lancaster, PA

*soft and fluffy New England IPA with El Dorado, Citra and Amarillo hops. Notes of orange, vanilla, pear and stone fruit

4.8% ABV       $7.50/Pint


Groove Brooks Drift

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale     Origin: Scranton, PA

* smooth easy drinking American Pale Wheat beer. Light gold and refreshing. First brewed in Scranton Pennsylvania in honor of all the hard working coal miners that put down roots and built the small towns of Northeast Pennsylvania.

5.5% ABV     $7/Pint



Sam Adams Summer Ale

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale    Origin: Boston, MA

*hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat w/bright citrus lemon peel and subtle spice of Grains of Paradise

5.3% ABV           $6.50/Pint


Compass Mill Tap House Yo Ese

Style: Mexican Lager   Origin: Lititz, PA

* great Mexican Lager of German Pilsner Malt, Flaked Corn and little Agave Nectar. Great Summer Beer!!

4.1% ABV         $6/Pint


Electric City CiderWorks  West (Gluten Free Line)

Style: Cider   Origin: Old Forge, PA

* Blackberry – slightly dry and delicious!!

6.5% ABV       $7.50/Pint


Firestone Walker Union Jack

Style: West Coast IPA   Origin: Paso Robles, CA

* Huge flavor that packs a punch. Union Jack is the icon of the West Coast IPA style

7% ABV       $7.50/Pint


Guinness Draught

Style: Stout – Irish Dry     Origin: Dublin, Ireland

* Cherry, raisin, and roasty malt character with slight cocoa, chocolate, and coffee flavor. A little sourness and subtle vanilla bean notes – Properly Poured on Nitro!

4.2% ABV        $7.50/20 oz glass


Evil Genius Love is Love

Style: Blonde Ale     Origin: Philadelphia, PA

* strawberry blonde ale bursts with sweet, refreshing notes of strawberry shortcake and fruit gummies

5.5% ABV           $7/Pint


Sly Fox Reading Maibock

Style: Maibock    Origin: Pottstown, PA

*Also called “heller bock” (meaning “pale bock”), the German-style Maibock is paler in color than traditional bock with a lightly toasted and bready malt character

6.5% ABV                         $6.50/Pint


Sly Fox Haze Fix

Style: Hazy IPA    Origin: Pottstown, PA

* Trident, Azacca, and El Dorado hops makes this sessionable, easy-drinking hazy IPA is remarkably smooth on the palate with enchanting notes of candied orange and fresh berries

5.5% ABV                         $7/Pint


Attic Brewing Sage Against the Machine

Style: Sour – Gose   Origin: Philadelphia, PA – G Town!!

* Sour, slightly salty and brewed with sage grown in a local Germantown Garden.  Super refreshing traditional classic

4.2% ABV     $7/Pint


  • $2.50 Cans of Genesee Cream Ale (12 oz)


  • $3 Cans of Tecate (12 oz) or Lionshead (16oz)


  • $3.50 Cans of PBR (16 oz), Miller Lite (12 oz), and Miller High Life (12 oz bottles)


  • $4 Bottles of Shiner Bock (12 oz) or $4 Cans of Yuengling (16oz)


  • $5 Cans of Truly Wild Berry or Strawberry Lemonade (12 oz), Vizzy Strawberry Orange Mimosa (12 oz), Commonwealth Cider (12 oz bottles), Michelob Ultra (12 oz) and Athletic Non-Alcoholic Free Wave IPA (12 oz)


  • $8 cans of Heady Topper and Focal Banger