beer menu

(Updated 9/15/2021)
*****Undecided? Take an Interstate “road trip” with any four 4 oz pours for 10 bucks! *******


Downeast Pumpkin Blend Cider (GF line)

Style: Cider     Origin:  Boston, MA

* Apples pressed with pumpkin, aged w/chai tea spices

5.1% ABV     $6.50/Pint


Maine Wolfe’s Neck

Style: IPA    Origin: Freeport, ME

* Unfiltered IPA brewed with mosaic, el dorado and sabro hops

6.5% ABV     $8/Pint


Tonewood Fuego

Style: IPA    Origin: Oaklyn, NJ

* Hazy IPA with aromas of grapefruit, lemons, peaches and mangoes, balanced by resiny pine sap notes

6.2% ABV    $7/Pint


Oxbow Surfcasting

Style: Grisette    Origin: Newcastle, ME

* Gently salted grisette brewed with American hops, wheat and fresh limes

4.5%        $7.50/Pint


Victory Golden Monkey

Style: Belgian Tripel    Origin: Downingtown, PA

* Belgian-style tripel w/banana and clove tasting notes

9.5% ABV    $7/Goblet


Henniker King Misanthrope

Style: Imperial Stout     Origin: Henniker, NH

* Imperial stout aged on honey-toasted maple wood cured with American whiskey
10% ABV    $7.50/Goblet


Urban Artifact The Gadget

Style: Sour    Origin: Cincinnati, OH

* Midwest fruit tart ale; sour ale made with blackberries, raspberries and vanilla beans

8% ABV   $7/Goblet


New Trail White Ale

Style: White Ale   Origin: Williamsport, PA

*Belgian style wheat beer brewed with orange zest and coriander, fermented with Belgian yeast

5.5% ABV    $6/Pint


Evil Twin Pink Pineapple

Style: Sour IPA   Origin: Brooklyn, NY

* Slightly sweet and refreshing sour IPA with pineapple

7% ABV    $7/Pint


Levante Escalante

Style: Lager    Origin: West Chester, PA

* Mexican style lager made w/flaked maize

5.2% ABV       $6/Pint


Philadelphia Brewing Co Kenzinger

Style: Kolsch     Origin: Philadelphia, PA

* A Philly staple!  Support your local brewery!

4.5% ABV   $4/Pint


Old Nation Boss Tweed

Style: DIPA     Origin: Williamston, MI

* Hazy and juicy double IPA with an aroma of peach, mango and tangerine

9.3% ABV    $7/Goblet


Shiner Bock

Style: Dark/Amber Lager     Origin: Shiner, TX

* American style dark lager

4.41% ABV     $4.50/Pint


Levante Purple Pine Drops

Style: Pale Ale     Origin: West Chester, PA

* Hazy pale ale with pungent citrus and pine notes

5.5% ABV       $7/Pint


Victory Braumeister Pils

Style: Pilsner    Origin: Downingtown, PA

* Crisp Keller pilsner

5.5% ABV       $6/Pint


Sly Fox O’Reilly’s Stout  (Nitro)

Style: Irish Dry Stout     Origin: Pottstown, PA

* Light bodied, creamy, roasty, dry Irish-style stout

3.6% ABV    $6/Pint

$3 Cans of PBR (16 oz), Miller Lite (12 oz), Tecate (12 oz)


$4 Cans of Yuengling (16 oz)


$5 Cans of Commonwealth Cider (12 oz bottles), Truly Wild Berry or Strawberry Lemonade (12 oz), Stone IPA (12 oz)